About the ACA
(aka Adult Children of Alcoholics)

~ History ~

In order to understand the story of the ACA we must first look towards where it came from. Before ACA there was a little group within AlAnon (12 Step program for families of alcoholics) in New York called Hope For Adult Children of Alcoholics. It started as a group comprised of teens coming from the Alateen AlAnon program that felt they couldn't share certain feelings about growing up in an alcoholic home at regular AlAnon meetings. These unstructered AlAnon meetings would help to build the founding principles of the ACA. There were no books or guidelines until a second meeting called Generations was formed completely separate from AlAnon. In this meeting Tony A., a chairmen of Generations and member of Hope For Adult Children of Alcoholics, made what would be called The Laundry List. This list was comprised of common characteristics of adult children growing up in dysfunctional homes. He would also create The Solution at this time, which gave a remedy to the characteristics listed in The Laundry List. If you would like a comprehensive history of the ACA it is recommended to read pages xxi - xxxix in the ACA Fellowship Text (The Big Red Book). There is also an interview by the founder Tony A. which can be found here.

~ Mission Statement ~

The Solution shows us the mission of the ACA, which is to help Adult Children overcome the dysfunctional home inside of themselves created from their childhood. A more in depth look at the ACA can be found on the ACA WSO (World Service Organization) website here